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Basic Information

Alpha Uya is a planet that is located in the Uya Star, which is near the sun. Alpha Uya is a huge, dark blue with green planet that has a small quantity of gravity, which is 1m/s^2. In addition, Alpha Uya is 25,000 light years away, and it is inside the Alpha Quadrant. This planet uses a different calendar system, and their year 0 was when the Uyayians gained freedom from the Liktobians. Moreover, the planet does a full rotation around the sun in approximately 9,500 earth days, which indicates that approximately each full year on Alpha Uya is 25 earth years.  Alpha Uya days can be considered very long because one day on this planet lasts 48 hours, in other words, that for every Alpha Uya day there is 2 of earth day. As stated earlier, Alpha Uya is a dark blue with green planet, which is one million times bigger the size of earth. Also, in Alpha Uya, there is a small quantity of gravity, which means that the inhabitants are an advanced race that doesn’t need gravity to be able to live. To demonstrate, Alpha Uya just needs about 1% of the gravity human being on earth needs to live. Alpha Uya is a unique planet because it is the only planet that has enemies living on the same planet under the rule of the same fair governor, and Alpha Uya has two different seasons occurring at the same time of the year. Finally, Alpha Uya contains the biggest coal mines and it also contains one of the most advanced military forces and technology on space.
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